Say hello to Pidgin, a publication founded in 2005 by Marc McQuade, Caroline O’Donnell, and Brian Tabolt. Pidgin is known to be a high-quality designed publication that is as much a collector’s item as it is a document of a particular moment in the architecture community.

Pidgin is always in flux. Each issue anticipates the aspirations and anxieties of a new group of editors: architects, designers, writers, or thinkers. Pidgin is edited as it is read: In a constant state of distraction. It is an accumulation of well-though snapshots of emerging; current; passé; sometimes even long-seized ideas on architecture.

As Pidgin is starting its seventeenth issue, it has expanded its roster of contributors as well as its readership. Past contributors have included Stan Allen, Beatriz Colomina, Ed Eigen, and Spyros Papapetros, William Drenttel & Jessica Helfand, Peter Eisenman, Catherine Ingraham, Sylvia Lavin, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Anne Tyng, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jurgen Mayer, Jonathan Levy, John Harwood, Sheldon Garon, and Reinhold Martin.

Since the publication of Issue No. 1, Pidgin’s editors have also featured previously unpublished and untranslated work by Sigfried Ebeling, Antoni Gaudi, Toyo Ito, Adolf Behne, Umberto Eco and others.

Pidgin is always on the lookout for papers, lists, photographs, film stills, projects, ideas, tips, provocations, critiques, drawings, sketches, manifestos, recipes… most anything that you would like to communicate and discuss. Just keep your eyes open for its next theme!

Pidgin is not a brochure, it is a dispatch. We hope it finds you well.